In addition to undergoing scholars from last year, in 2022-2023 educational year, 80 permanent and 6 standby candidates are entitled for Foreign Language Scholarship.

How to Proceed?

Premier List:

40 winners on the premier list will be contacted via e-mail and several documents will be requested. These four documents listed below should be mailed to Yücel Cultural Foundation as soon as possible. The deadline is October 24, 2022

Required Documents:

Written contract with photograph, signed by the candidate.

Photocopy of national ID card.

Statement of the place of residence (Address)

Statement of national registration information. (Official government document listing relatives, dependants etc.)

Important Note:

Students are required to have a minimum of 60% attendance record and also required to advance to the next level and above. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the scholarship. A stipend of 1.000.-TL will be paid for each of the 6 levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). An additional 200.-TL will be paid to those students advancing with a success rate of 80% and above, resulting with a 1.200.-TL stipend. Any amount requested above 1.000.-TL.will be paid by the student. The total amount of the scholarship is 6.000.-TL from A1 level to C2 level. If you succeed to have the bonuses the amount will rise to 7.000.-TL. If the students earns the scholarship at a level between A1 and C2, the scholarship will be paid until all levels are completed.

Students on the Standby List:

If any of the students on the premier list fail to send the requested documents on time, if they are otherwise disqualified for any reason, or in case the YKV board provides funds for additional scholarships, the students on the standby list will qualify in the order they were listed. Such students will replace the premier candidates who were disqualified and will be subject to the same procedures.

Candidates who fail to qualify for the premier list are welcomed to apply for the scholarship the following year.

2022 October Foreign Language Scholarship Premier List:


  Permanent Scholar Language Status
1 Abdulbaki ZAMBAKOĞLU English  
2 Ahmetcan KAYA English  
3 Göksu ÇOTUK German  
4 Ömer Berk AKKOYUN German  
5 Elif Nur ATEŞ French  
6 İrem Nur NERGİZ English  
7 Mustafa OĞUZ English  
8 Refia KARAKAŞ English  
9 Seda GÜNDOĞDU English  
10 İrem BOLAT Spanish  
11 Büşra SAĞIRDAĞ English  
12 Özge ÖZDEMİR English  
13 Derya TUNCER Russian  
14 Gamze SAVAŞ English  
15 Mehmet Nihat ÇAM Spanish  
16 Merve DENİZ English  
17 Fırat Furkan HAZAR English  
18 Büşra BUZKARTACA German  
19 Abdullah KESKİN English  
20 Osman Samet ÖZ German  
21 Özge DAĞDAL German  
22 Eda Nur HALFA English  
23 Başak RENDE German  
24 Havva KARABACAK German  
25 Sedanur BİKET English  
26 Muhammed OĞUZ English  
27 Burak TAŞCİ English  
28 Selva ASTAN English  
29 İlayda Nur KAYA German  
30 Sena Nur ATICI English  
31 Cansu AYGÜN English  
32 Elif İkbal DURMUŞ English  
33 Kevser AYDIN English  
34 Ayfer ASLAN English  
35 Rumeysa Rabia DİLEK English  
36 Maruf DOKUZLAR English  
37 Ece ERDOĞDU French  
38 Yağmur Damla OKYAY English  
39 Faruk Furkan ÖZDURAN German  
40 Işıl SAYICI English  

2022 October Foreign Language Scholarship Standby List:

  Standy Scholar Language Status
1 Mehmet DURMUŞ English  
2 Büşra Nur SERT English  
3 Merve ÖZÇELİK Chinese  

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