Pan Logistics designed the “Hand of Hope” fund under the Yücel Cultural Foundation platform with the support of international partners, team and friends.

The invitative aim is to be a hand of hope for the families affected badly at the 6 February 2023 Earthquake for the following  months, while they will be building up their new lives .

This is an invitation to  give a hand of hope to the project, in order to offer a chance to additional new families by increasing the fund.

Every big or small contribution will be vital during these  difficult events and we believe this is not a moment  for despair and sadness, but a time to stand up and give hope to others.

Will you please contact  e-mail adress for the further details .

 For your donations:

Turkish Lira Account

Recipient Name: Pan Deprem 2023
TR87 0006 2000 1500 0006 2924 44

Dollar Account
Account Name: Pan Lojistik Deprem
TR79 0006 2000 1500 0009 0503 95

Euro Account
Account Name: Pan Lojistik EURO
TR09 0006 2000 1500 0009 0503 94


Critical Note: While donating, the Recipient Name section must be filled by writing: "Yücel Kültür Vakfı". Otherwise, the bank might cancel the transfer and refund.

*No transfer fee will be charged by Garanti BBVA for donations made to accounts above.

Powered by Pan Logistics and Yücel Cultural Foundation.

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