Yücel Cultural Foundation brings together contributors and young people of need. Contributors combine their effort in order to support young people's education!

Starting from 2014 – 2015 academic year, applications of university students for a 'Higher Education Scholarship' will be considered as applications for 'Higher Education Half-Apple Scholarships'.

What is Half-Apple Scholarship ?

Half-Apple Scholarship is a system in which students receive the half of the scholarship from a contributer and the other half from the YKV and/or another contributor. It is 175 TL per month. Students receive the scholarship for 12 months. At the end of this period if the contributor would like to continue with the scholarship, then the scholarship continues for the next year as well.


Who can Apply?

Any Turkish Citizen, without any discrimination on the basis of religion, language, ethnic origin or gender can apply for this scholarship. Students whose scholarships have been stopped because they have not fulfilled the requirements of their study program cannot reapply. Students who have selected for a Half-Apple Scholarship but could not find a contributor can reapply in the following years, but their application need to be re-selected again by the committee. 


How to Apply?

In order to apply, you need to first finish the membership procedure on our website via clicking 'become a member' button.

Then, you need to download and fill Half-Apple Scholarship Application Form (you need to write the same mobile number and e-mail as in membership procedure).

You need to print out the filled application form and send alongside the other required documents to the following address: Yücel Kültür Vakfı Zühtüpaşa Mah. Bağdat Cad. Keylan İş Merkezi 15/8 34724 Kızıltoprak - Kadıköy / ISTANBUL. Forms are required to be arrived, between 15 August and 15 October, you can also come and bring your documents if you wish to do so. Pay attention to the fact that our Foundation does not work with MNG Shipment Company. 

Please send your documents in 'one' sheet protector.

We do pay attention to the arrival date of your documents and not to the shipment date. Therefore, be careful not exceeding the application period while sending your documents. Documents which arrive later than the deadline will be disregarded even if they have been sent by email.

Candidate scholars who made their applications are considered as pre-applicants. The scholarship committee then assembles in order to form a scholarship waiting list among the selected candidates.

Contributors who would like to support students in the framework of Half-Apple scholarships are free to select the desired candidate in the scholarship waiting list. Students in the list wait for their selection by a contributor. In this sense, Yücel Cultural Foundation does not guarantee a scholarship to the students in the waiting list.

Candidate student in the waiting list can find a contributor for him/herself if (s)he wishes so and orient them to the foundation for the evaluation. YKV, then, pays the half and the contributor the other half of the scholarship.


Necessary Documents

1. Scholarship Application Form (hand-signed)

2. One picture (gummed at the required frame on the application form)

3. Criminal record

4. A hand-signed motivation letter explaining the reasons of the need for the scholarship

5. One hand-signed and stamped certificate of enrollment and transcript. For those who are enrolling to the university for the first time, a result prove given by the ÖSYM showing points, success sequence, the placement university and faculty

6. Residence certificate

7. Two-sided copies of student's; his/her mother's and father's identity cards

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