YCF offers a new alternative for Foreign Language Scholarships one-to-one education. Our scholars can choose online education in English starting from this year instead of  course companies.

YCF collaborates with Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center(BUSEM) about online English education. YCF will have the benefits of Bogazici University's experiences about English language education and gives the opportunity to teenagers who want to develop their English from beginner to advanced as YCF will accept applications for online English education for the first time this year.

YCF contributes to foregin language education in order to give equal oportunities to scholars who has the Foreign Language Scholarship and live out of Istanbul.

Foreign Language Scholarship applications will be done online at our website between June 13-August 12. 

Details About The Programme

Mentor Support

Your progress will be followed with the coordination of Bogazici University academicians and the topics you need will be supported. You will have speaking lessons online with your classmates and mentor weekly.

7/24 available course materials

Course materials include a wide variety of online contents which you can follow 7/24. You can login any time and repeat topics as much as you want. In addition, Edo-M mobile application is always with you.

Certificate from Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center

If you complete and pass the course that you've registered, you will have the Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center Achievement Certificate. Your certificate will be mailed to you adress.

What is waiting you in this programme?

Prepared by CEFR, contents starting from A1 beginning to C1 advanced levels which include a total of 10 levels and 1000 hours of interactive content.

Videoes, voice records and stories with topic introductions and 30 different types of exercises that aim reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammer and vocabulary improvements systematically step by step.

Improved voice recognition technology, online magazine, grammer book and dictionary, global forum area, BBC English learning sources, chatting opportunity via Web Pal, Word Zone vocabulary games, English idioms lessons

Speaking classes with Bogazici University mentors at online classes


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