Yücel Cultural Foundation is one of the organizations in Turkey accredited by the European Commission which is an essential organ of the EU and the main executor of the EVS. You can, thus, participate to the EVS via our Foundation.

For our Foundation to become the sending organization for the projects that you would like to participate, you need to make a preliminary work before the start. You should first select the project that you would like to take part via project research motors or the databases that you can access through the internet.

Then you need to contact the responsible person of the project and have a confirmation on the compatibility of the project for your candidacy or whether there is a place for you. This is not an official step, but destined to know whether the position is currently available for applications. Therefore you can do this step by sending a simple email to them.

With the confirmation that you receive from the institution, you can apply to our foundation with your request that we become your sending organization. In order to make such a request, you need to send us your motivation letter, written exchanges between you and the receiving institution and a detailed explanation on the activity that you wish to take part in an email to info@yucelkulturvakfi.org. The responsible team in our Foundation will examine your folder and contact you as soon as possible.

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