4 Nations Project brings together Armenia, France, Germany and Turkey as the project partners. The first meetings have been in Strasbourg, France and in Frankfurt, Germany for five days each between 25th of November and 03th December 2013. The second step meetings will take place in Turkey and Armenia. The project aims to assemble 20 young people from 4 countries in order to make them familiar with different cultures and contribute to reflect on solutions on peace and agreement.

4 Nations Project has many objectives such as providing a tool to counter discrimination, xenophobia and prejudices. Moreover, it aims to form an active and responsible form of citizenship in Europe in bringing together young people who can cope with complexities and produce peaceful solutions to problems. Rather these initiative solutions constitute a beginning of a long process of an evaluation and an analysis...

"4 Nations has been an experience demonstrating that the borders are irrelevant for loving a person. While looking through the window in the plane heading to Strasbourg, I realized for the first time that there is actually no border in the world and we could be all together. During the project, we realized that we were more than German, French, Turkish or Armenian; we were us, as individuals. This project is a unique opportunity to resolve societal problems and to make peace our common future. I am very happy to be part of the initiative of young people, who are the owners of future, trying to establish a common future.

I thank Yücel Cultural Foundation for providing me and other young people such an opportunity. Thanks to them our perspectives get broader and we discover new possibilities." - Tolga Sevinir

"I thank Yücel Cultural Foundation for enabling me to have unforgettable memories and friendships that will continue to make me happy." - Elif Çiçekda

"This seminar enabled me to encounter different cultures and realize that we are, in fact, not that different from each other. Learning that the reconciliation process between Germany and France has taken long years and resulted in success, made me hopeful of the future of Turkish-Armenian relationships." - Nisa Gilit

"Thanks to this exchange program, I learned the basics of the German-French relationships, but also that a similar approach can be applied to the Turkish-Armenian relationships. For me, the existence of sincerity and empathy among the participants has been the most solid indication of that possibility. During eight days, we all discovered how much in common we in fact had, that unified us. I consider myself to be very lucky for having participated to such a meaningful project." - U ur Karaman

"Even though it appears as 4 countries and cultures, in fact we met many more different cultures. I learned that as a conscious generation we can deal with past-time problems through friendship. I am very lucky for having enriched my life in such a way. I thank Yücel Cultural Foundation for having made me a 'citizen of the world' and supporting me in times of need. Your knowledge forms our values and our values form our future. I am thankful to the architects of the future. " - Mert Alpaslan

"4 Nations Project have assembled people from different parts of the world around one common point: PEACE!

I am thankful to Yücel Cultural Foundation for the contribution they made to our personal development and career through such a process. I hope that French-German experiences of reconciliation can be of help to warm up the relationships between Turkey and Armenia. I believe that we can take a big step forward to peace. We are the youth and future of this country and as such, we are the ones who can determine the course of history in the future. Thank you for your support..." - Sibel Tartut