Fit For the Future Project is a traditional youth meeting. It has been organized for the fifth time in German city of Zwickau and brought together 20 young people form 4 different countries. YKV participated to the project from Turkey, in which young people learned how to reflect on their future in starting to shape their lives by shaping themselves. By getting to know other cultures and establishing strong ties with each other, young people worked together to create a sphere of dialogue in which the state boundaries lost their importance. The project used the Art of Housing technique. Young participants learned and experienced through living that the daily life can be managed together and in a cooperative manner despite the existing differences.

 The YKV-volunteers P nar Çelik, Seval Zengin, Turgut Ar soy and Hüseyin Esmer first went to Berlin and then to the Zwickau city where the project was taking place. As a foundation, we are proud and happy of supporting them and their experiences.

Here, our project in volunteers' own words:  

"For me Fit for the Future Project has been an unforgettable experience in which I've made new discoveries and established friendships beyond the boundaries. What I learned in these 10 days will be there with me during the rest of my life. Thank you YKV-family for giving me this opportunity." - P nar ÇEL K


“Because it has been my first experience abroad, I have been very positively influenced by it through learning a lot. Yücel Cultural Foundation made a big difference for me. I am grateful to Yücel-family for enabling me to take advantage of such an opportunity." - Hüseyin ESMER


"One more time, we passed great time on a project with a great group of people. During the project, I made friends with people from three different nationalities. I found the chance to learn their cultures, manners of life and languages. I am returning with great memories. Thank you Yücel Cultural Foundation!"  - Seval ZENG N 

"Unforgettable friendships, a lot of fun and a good amount of experience… My life has been enriched by Fit for the Future project.  I am very happy to having participated. I am grateful to Yücel Cultural Foundation for making me that happy." - Turgut ARISOY