Fit For The Future exchange programme which is carried out annually in Schneeberg, Germany will be carried out between August 17-24 2016. In  Fit For The Future: The Impulse Boot Camp, there will be trainings about finding creative solutions about politics, abilities needed for project management, group work techniques and etc. 35 people from 7 countries will participate in this project! If you want to be one of 5 participants from Turkey, you need to fill in the form and send it to us till June 1.

Participants need to pay 30€ fee. Participants' accomodation and food expenses will be paid 100% and the travel expenses will be paid 80% by the project budget,

This project is for people between 18-27 ages who want to discuss about worldwide politic issues and find logical and alternative solutions about them. Participants have to know English and their English level should be enough to communicate in the project.

Please click here for the application form. You should send your application form to before June 1.

Click here for the project booklet.