What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is the individuals' use of their knowledge, time, skills, experience and resources with their own free will for a purpose without a response.

 YCF Volunteer Internship

Although volunteering is an act of the will of individuals, volunteering at YCF is based on the understanding that volunteers must achieve an achievement. In this context, our volunteering strategy primarily focuses on achieving high benefits in the activities of the volunteer and fulfilling its responsibilities towards the foundation.

What is Volunteering at YKV?
YCF provides volunteer opportunities for personal development through trainings, workshops and projects.
YCF provides the volunteer with the opportunity to implement his ideas
YCF provides volunteer self-confidence and self-expression.
YCF provides volunteer self-confidence and self-expression
YCF provides volunteers with the opportunity to develop teamwork skills and an alternative social environment.
YCF has a mutual understanding of responsibility between volunteer and foundation.
What is NOT volunteerism in YCF?
YCF does not see volunteers as unpaid workforce.
YCF does not force the volunteer to do any work he does not want.
Volunteering at YCF is not about undisciplined and unplanned work.
If you want to volunteer at Yücel Culture Foundation, please fill out the form.

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