It is the activities that the individual carries out with his/her own free will, with a motivation that is not based on materiality, for the benefit of individuals and/or other living things outside his family or close environment.

Volunteers, on the other hand, are people who, as a part of the world we live in, do not make any kind of discrimination / othering and hate speech, and contribute their knowledge, experience, time and effort to the solution of social problems within the framework of a sustainable sense of responsibility.


What is Volunteering at Yucel Culturel Foundation?

    • YKV provides its volunteers with personal development opportunities through trainings, workshops and projects.

    • YKV provides its volunteers with the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

    • YKV provides its volunteers with the opportunity for self-confidence and self-expression.

    • YKV provides its volunteers with the opportunity to produce new projects and develop their creativity.

    • YKV provides its volunteers with the opportunity to develop teamwork skills and an alternative social environment.

    • At YKV, there is an understanding of mutual responsibility between the volunteers and the foundation.


What is Volunteering at Yucel Culturel Foundation?

    • YKV does not see its volunteers as unpaid labor.

    • YKV does not force its volunteers to do any work they do not want.

    • Volunteering at YKV is not undisciplined and unplanned work.


Achievements of Volunteers at Yucel Culturel Foundation

    • Opportunity to Contribute to the Solution of Social Problems

    • New Friend, Network and Environment

    • Entertainment and Social Activities

    • Positive Emotions

    • Personal Development Opportunities

    • Participation in National and International Projects


What Kinds of Voluntary Contributions Can You Make at Yucel Culturel Foundation?

    • You can take part in the activities and studies we will organize locally, nationally and internationally.

    • You can submit your ideas to youth-based projects that we have produced or will produce.

    • You can support the determination and organization of our activities.

    • You can be a facilitator in the training and workshops we will organize with all your experiences and knowledge.

    • You can enable us to cooperate with the institutions and organizations you are in contact with.


Yucel Culturel Foundation Volunteering Strategy

Although volunteering is an action that takes place by individuals' own will, at YKV, volunteering is based on the understanding that volunteers must achieve something. In this context, our volunteering strategy primarily focuses on the volunteer's gaining high benefits in their work and fulfilling their responsibilities towards the foundation.


To Become a Volunteer at Yucel Culturel Foundation,

At the first stage, it will be sufficient for the volunteer candidates to fill the application form in a qualified manner.

Our volunteering process will work as follows;


Our Volunteering Process

What stages does your application go through?

    • Application and Evaluation

    • Foundation Introduction and Meeting Meeting

    • Individual Interviews

    • Signing of the Volunteer Contract

    • Volunteer Orientation

    • Volunteer Studies

    • Volunteer Motivation Activities

    • Volunteer Capacity Building Trainings and Activities

    • Certificate/Document Regarding Your Volunteering

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