Most effective way of learning a foreign language is practising that language by speaking it. Although, reading and writing in advanced level and having a good mastery of grammar are also important, they are not always sufficient for speaking.

As Yücel Cultural Foundation, we established a speaking club, in which youngsters have the opportunity to speak English with other youngsters at their level ol language, with help of a facilitator. This club aims the youngsters to practice English and stay on hold.

Our English speaking practices are actualised over Zoom, in three different levels and groups of ten; and we keep on receiving positive feedbacks.

There is a message from our contributors;

"I am very happy to be a part of this activity. I had worries about speaking English. But now, I can speak without thinking how I talk, and concentrating on what I am trying to say. I am verry happy to reach this point. Thank you, Yücel Cultural Foundation."

Aysun Avcı

"I noticed that I am developing as long as I am practicing via English Speaking Club, and constantly improving myself motivated me to work and practice more. After all, I also want to say that, this club made me realize my mistakes and develop my communication skills in the meantime. Thank you for everything."

Berivan Pütün

"I am in the intermediate speaking group and I really love it. In the beginning, I was pretty nervous; even sometimes I can still feel the same or thrilled; but Mr. Murat and Ms. Gülçin comfort us and comprehend. I think it was really helpful, in terms of speaking; and I am having fun at the same time. Thanks to English Club, I did not only make new friends, but also I am informed of new issues and developed my level of English.🌸"

Sevda Akbolat

You can apply for new sessions of our Speaking Club until 17.10.2020, 23.59.

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