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In the last month of 2023, the cinema screens opened their doors to the film "Mortal World 2." We can say that it will be among the significant works of Turkish cinema history 20-30 years from now. The screenplay of the film is handled by Feyyaz Yiğit and Aziz Kedi, who have already left their mark with the series "As If." Ali Atay continues to occupy the director's chair, as in the first film. Giray Altınok joined the cast later on, a name whose strong writing skills we know from the series "The Prince" in the new era. He also offers a noteworthy performance.

The first film of "Mortal World" had reached a certain audience in general. The film, in terms of genre, has a humorous aspect that does not necessarily appeal to popular culture. Nevertheless, its ownership can be considered surprising. We can even describe the work as a cult masterpiece. The film, which took on its own promotion through new media, also influenced the box office. It is common to see sequels of high-grossing films after the first film. However, it is a risky situation, especially for the audience eagerly yearning for the universe they belong to and rushing to the cinemas with the longing to reunite with it, which is frequently encountered.

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The film "Mortal World" passes through these fears as if with machine guns. Let's take a look at the Box Office Turkey statistics. "Mortal World 2" hosts more than 400,000 viewers in its first three days in theaters. With this number, it achieves the most magnificent opening of 2023. It brings the cinema audience, which has been in a passive state after the pandemic, out of their homes; the total revenue of the film has already exceeded 200 million. The numerical data stands as evidence of a significant success. Narratively and structurally, it has almost received full marks both on social media and by critics.

As a cinema enthusiast, I had also been among those who preferred to stay home in recent times. However, what attracted and intrigued me to the theaters was the trailer of the sequel, which also frightened me at the same time. Such a chaotic trailer raises the question of what the film will offer. Nevertheless, Ali Atay and his team dismiss these questions entirely with the entirety of the film. In terms of Turkish cinema culture, guns, mafia extensions, or organizations often appear on screens as products we frequently encounter. We can say that the film's reason for success is already a familiar and safe harbor. Moreover, we can explain it by the addition of absurd humor on top of that. But this would be a simplistic and unfair statement. It is evident that "Mortal World" has a unique screenplay. The proper handling of distinctive characters is critical in this regard. Finally, we should see that the right amount of sadness is sprinkled, perhaps one of the small breadcrumbs of the film's success.

Yağmur İnce
Yücel Cultural Foundation
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translated by Ekremcan Bakır

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