“Culture Hunters” project of Yücel Cultural Foundation, that aims to make culture and art activities accessible for youngsters, and make it a part or their lives, since 2015, is paused enforcedly, due to pandemic.

Every Field of Culture and Art Is Affected Negatively by COVID-19 Pandemic.

After the first case in Turkey was recorded on 11 March 2020, inhibitory measures are taken to dilute the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, that firstly outbreak in Wuhan, China, on 1 December 2019.

Not only our daily lives and ways of thinking are deeply affected with COVID-19 pandemic, but also many industries came to a stopping point. Art and culture is the leading sector. Due to the pandemic; many international festivals are postponed, theaters closed their curtains, musicians could not meet with the audience, galleries went to the wall.

Art with Pandemic

Many art and culture establishments, that believe in "healing power of art", keep meeting with the audience via online platforms and livestreams made from social media accounts, with the help of art lovers.

How Yücel Cultural Foundation Underwent the Pandemic Process?

As Yücel Cultural Foundation we adapted telecommuting, beginning from 16 March 2020.

Starting from April 2020; we organized online sessions with different topics from yoga to informatics, from volunteering to effects of pandemic on human psychology, from European Solidarity Corps to sign language, with connoisseurs in their fields.

Besides, we constituted our English Speaking Club, starting from June 2020, for youngsters to practice English, communicate in a foreign language and stay on hold 

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