The first two rounds of "Roots for Reconciliation – Peace Work Institute project" have been accomplished in Armenia and Strasbourg. This third round took place in Istanbul!

'Peace ambassadors', who believe in the resolution of complex problems through peace and love between the cultures and countries, met in Istanbul on 20- 26th of October.  20 peace ambassadors from Armenia and Turkey talked in the language of peace through educational activities, drama and visits. They spent time together during 7 days and reflected on the points of agreement, and thus learned to constitute 'one' group and had a lot of fun.

Peace Ambassadors who aimed at developing intercultural peace and breaking the prejudices established the online platform of in order to share their experiences with other peace ambassadors in the world. is a peace platform managed by Yücel Cultural Foundation. is a website started with the Peace Work Institute Project and YKV intends to further develop it with future intercultural cooperation in peace projects which will serve as a platform to bring together many peace ambassadors from different nationalities.

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