Thousands of youngsters met at this festival! They enjoyed both magical Prague city and a stunning festival during one week!

...and here are some commentaries:

Tolga Sevinir who is one of our volunteers,  we sent him to enjoy the festival:

"City of Roman Empire, Bohemia, Kafka, Vltava. Meaning of being here is ineffable for me. Prague city and youth festival are reasons of unforgettable days in my life. When i came back, what remained in my mind are friendships that i had during the days which i spent here and happiness of living together. I express my sincere thanks to organisators of perfect youth festival whose each moment was designed for us and Yücel Cultural Foundation which enabled me a summer to spend in Prague."

Esra Dereli who participated in the festival as our volunteer:

 "Prague Europe Festival which I participated owing to Yucel Cultural Foundation an unforgettable voluntariness experience that enabled me to to live diversities. Motivation and planning meetings that we practiced approximately with 150 people in the festival area before the gates were open helped us both know each other better and blissfully start the day . Although the unfortune storm which we had experienced in the first day, the next day building the festival area as a whole, watching people helping each other and being a representative of Turkish flag in volunteers workshop was proud. Conversations that i had with my new friends in company with concerts after 6 hours working during the day was priceless. Finally, it is a must to go to this festival even for Mexican’s Nacho, Italian’s pizza, Bruxelles’ delicious crape!..:) “

Dear Yunus Emre Evcu’s opinions who participated with his friend Mümin:

"I participated Europe Festival arranged in Prague between 4-10 August. Biodiversity was absolutely the most impressive aspect of the festival for me. It was a priceless experience to share tolerance and lives that we live with active participation with approximately 5000 people who come from all over the world. I would like to inform you about festival with regard to locationally and activities. You can find more below picture. Festival was held in a green vast area which we were able to reach from Prague city center by one tram. Everything was premediated in this area from first aid fields, sanctuaries, activity tents, entertaintment pool, food fields to entertaintment fields.There was a festival tower in the middle of the area. It was possible to watch all the festival area’s view from the tower. I wanted to decide participating festival after i had learnt the workshops. Except fun, the point that i liked most in the festival was absolutely the workshops which which were made in different topics. It was possible to register so many workshops from personal development, dance, entertaining outdoor activities, art, creative activities to sports and enjoy the biodiversity by sharing with the other participants. Each moment was fully occupied. There were music on the stage every minute, activities in the tents, lots ot activities in the fields that you can do with people whom you do not know but have something in common. One of the cases that affected me a lot was that it stormed on the fifth day of festival. Suddenly, tents started to fly in the sky and it started to pour with rain. In this case, 5000 people went to a safe area by paying attention to each other and after security precautions were taken, we continued debating and activities. Most probably, it is one of the most unforgettable moments. I owe Yücel Cultural Foundation and  Gözde Ergüç, Turkey coordinator of festival, who lead me to live countless beauties in this festival that I cannot squeeze in these lines  a debt of gratitude."