Storytelling event as part of "I made this" workshop.

"I made this" workshop has a different theme this month and it is storytelling. Storyteller Beyza Akyuz will help us focus on affecting other people by our words and portrayals, as well as revealing our personal stories by using physical and spiritual techniques.

We will attempt to supplement our stories by combining body language, words and voices and make it more colourful. After completing this workshop, you will have at least one story you can tell and thousands more you'll be trying in the future.

We have limited space for this event, so hurry up...

About the event: What is storytelling?

Storytelling can be defined as conveying one's experiences in life and it is one of the oldest forms of art. Storytellers in different cultures and periods were expected to perform various roles. Today, storytelling is still used for various purposes in line with the spirit of the time. Storyteller uses not only words during his/her performance. He/she includes hands, voice even body language. Every culture defines stories differently. A story may be a tale, a real life story, a joke, an anectode, a poem or sometimes an adage.

During a storytelling performance, there are no barriers between the teller and the listeners. Both sides actively participate to form a collaboration.

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Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015
Place: YCF Sultanahmet Abud Efendi Mansion
Time: 11:00 AM- 17:00 PM
Deadline: October 23, 2015
Minimum age for participants: 18+

Breaks for coffee and lunch will be provided. (Lunch is not included in the price) Several nearby restaurants are available for lunch.

Full price: 80 TL
With student discount: 50 TL

Participants who were awarded free passes and registered for this event are required to deposit an amount of 25 TL which will be refunded afterwards. If a registered participant fails to attend, his/her deposit will not be returned and considered a donation to YCF. Repeated no-shows will result in limiting that participant's future attendances in order to protect other participants.

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