Yucel Cultural Foundation Web Site Membership Agreement and Terms of Use

1. Registering to the web site is free of charge. It is expected from each member to subscribe to the site for once only. Members affirm entering into a binding agreement with the Foundation and thus following the instructions, restrictions and rules, by logging in to the web site or buying products.
2. To register, member registration form must be filled completely and aright. Applications with incomplete, incorrect or distrustful information can be canceled by the Foundation, without any justification. Applicant declares and guarantees amending all financial damages, caused by misstatements, exactly and immediately 
3. Subscription is obligatory for making benefits of scholarships, cultural activities, national and international exchange programs provided by the Foundation. Foundation has the right of shooting and recording the webinars and all other programs; and publishing them withouth permission,
4. For participations to cultural activites, provided by the Foundation and/or donations, refundment is out of question, as required by law of foundations.
5. It is obligatory to fill the mobile phone correctly to register. The verification code is sent via SMS. Registration is completed by entering this code.
6. Members can resign from membership at any time. In order to resign, clicking the "I Want to Resign" button on Membership Procedurs page is enough. In this case, the member fails to benefit from opportunities, provided by Foundation, automatically. (e.g. Scholarships, Cultural Programs, etc.)
7. Resigned and terminated memberships cannot register again with the same mobile number and e-mail account.
8. The Foundation reserves the right to make changes in the web site and terms of use, without notice.
9. Membership, registered with free will, is individual. Memberships cannot be transferred or sold to a third party.
10. The foundation attaches importance to personal datas and confidential information, accepts and supports protection over them. For this purpose, it commits protecting personal datas of members, pursuant to the law on the protection of personal data, with maximum effort.
11. As in many web sites, the Foundation may use and process collected datas of browser users and other web site visitors or applications, in order to improve these data services, analyze trends, manage the services, track the user operation around services, and gather demographic information about base of users as a whole, including IP address datas from impersonal definition as a standard operation.
12. Cookies shows us how and when, how many people visited the web site of the Foundation. These cookies are used in the following situations:
- Tracking the member operations
- Saving whole password, in order to prevent obligation to re-enter the password.
- Allowing usage of services
13. Users can change or remove features like logging in for their own account, editing profile and account information, and personal non mandatory informations, at any time.
14. The Foundation can change its privacy policy from time to time. Any change is declared on the web site, for the users to be informed about how we use and unveil the collected datas. After the declaration of these changes, every user of the web site is responsible for obeying the change in the Privacy Policy.
15. Completely and indisputably, the Foundation ensures whole legal communication and announcements by declaring on the web site and/or electronically via tools like SMS and e-mail. This is put into practice via mobile phone number or e-mail address, stated by the user in the profile section. The user approves this aggreement and accepts this provision. If the MEMBER, refuses to receive SMS and e-mails, sent by the Foundation; he/she may lose web membership and all advantages stemming from this membership.
16. All art, diagrams, images, document system, texts, fonts, music, software tools and other information (referred to herein as "Content") in the web site are property of the Foundation and cannot be used by commercial members.
17. Each user ensures that uploaded photos are personal photos or they have usage right on the photo, or the photo is not displaying somebody else or something else as an alternative vision (without spesific permission), that the photo belongs to the user, and no misinformation is provided.
18. When the web site is used, users accepts that it is their repsonsibility to protect their account and password security. They also acknowledges restricted access to their registered account. User is directly responsible for all actions, done with their account or password.
19. The member cannot use it disturbing the peace, disorderly, bothersomely, harassingly, for an illegitimate purpose at national or international level, invading intellectual and moral rights; cannot make the services available for third parties, put into commercial uses like exposing for sale or loan, in any shape or form. Also, the member can not engage in a preventive and complicating activity (spam, virus, trojan, etc.) for others.
20. Yücel Cultural Foundation has the right to suspend the system for a while or completely stop the system, at anytime. The Foundation bears no responsibility for suspending or stopping the system, against its members, users or third parties.
21. The Foundation may change membership free services to membership required versions; provide additional services, partially or completely change current services, or change free of charge services into paid services. In this case, user reserves the right to terminate the agreement and resign from membership.
22. Members accept and declare giving explicit consent for personal datas like name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, shared with data supervisor during web site interactions, to be processed and to be transferred to third parties and abroad, pursuant to the law on the protection of personal data.
23. The Foundation has the right to inform authorities and take legal measures, if it is determined that a member uses the web site in defiance of abovementioned regulations. Violators of one or more articles listed above, intentionally or negligently, are legally liable due to this violation. Besides, the Foundation has the right to claim compensation, due to violation of terms, stated in this document, from served users, and recede damage to those users, if the incident is submitted to the jurisdiction.
24. This Terms of Use ensures acting in a way to protect privacy of users, being served via web site, in all matters included in the scope of privacy policy, and in compliance with privacy of personal data policy, in good purpose. The Foundation has the right to save IP addresses, connection dates and hours of users, connected to www.yucelkulturvakfi.org web site, on the basis of requested address and/or pages. These datas are key information for both system security and solution of potential user problems; not related with personal data of served users. The user acknowledges that confirmation of membership and modifications related with membership actualizes via e-mail or SMS. The Foundation sends messages to members, via e-mail or SMS, when needed, within reasonable bounds. Members and users acknowledge that they get all the needed permits and they share personal data of selves or third parties with explicit consent, to be processed in order to gain favor for them, and to be transferred, while sharing information. All the data is saved on servers of amazon.com in USA, and protected with security certificate. As a rule, personal data, shared by users, cannot be exposed out of purpose. This situation can only be violated as a statutory obligation by the court. This violation will not be against the law or will not deliver legal responsibility.
www.yucelkulturvakfi.org asks for some personal data, including e-mail address and password, from the users at the registration level. These datas, are required to prevent another people to sign in to the account. A second security barrier is created by asking for mobile number of user, and sending a verification code via SMS to this number. Personal passwords are saved in the database and all kinds of measures are taken to prevent third parties to reach these data. www.yucelkulturvakfi.org refuses responsibility, if the personal data changes hands despite all measures for security. Users acknowledge that this kind of data may change hands unlawfully, despite all kinds of precautions.
25. Documents such as articles, pictures and videos sent by those who use our website to participate in special campaigns and to find support for themselves or their projects are published by the Yücel Kültür Foundation after being examined. It is removed from the broadcast at the request of the sender.
26. Due to technical innovations and changes in applicable legislative framework, Web Site Membership Agreement and Terms of Use needs to be altered or updated on occasion. Therefore, it is requested to review Web Site Membership Agreement and Terms of Use, that can be found at this page, and pay regard to alterations and updates on the account, each time you visit.

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