Yücel Cultural Foundation is joining forces with Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentaries (BIFED)! This special collaboration at the meeting point of ecology and culture carries the mission of both protecting nature and presenting the power of art to the society.

What Are We Going to Do Together?

In addition to supporting the festival team in announcing the events, screenings, workshops and launches that will be held within the scope of the festival, which have been carefully selected by BIFED, we will also provide free venue sponsorship for BIFED events in our performance center in Sultanahmet, which stands out with its historical and cultural richness. Thus, events combining art, ecology and documentary cinema will come to life in the heart of Istanbul as well as Bozcada, a small northern Aegean island that stands out with its different climate, clean sea and a life style of its own.

In line with BIFED's innovative vision, we will work hand in hand in collaborations for funding purposes, develop joint projects, and present these projects on national and international platforms. We will meticulously manage the processes for the success of the accepted projects and ensure the coordination of all stages from activity plans to implementation.

In addition, young talents recommended by BIFED will participate in the personal development programs we organize for young people as our guests and will be able to benefit from these special programs free of charge.

Ecology and Culture: Our Common Future

This cooperation, which we announce with pride and happiness, is a reflection of the common responsibility for ecology and culture. For a sustainable world and social awareness, Yücel Cultural Foundation and BİFED will continue to work hand in hand, combining ecological sensitivity with the power of art and will shed light on the future together with the education of young people, the power of art and their belief in the protection of nature.

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For detailed information about the Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentaries, you can visit BIFED's website by clicking here.


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