Hope Alkazar

Some-One / Some-Thing

Are we "someone" or are we "something"? Maybe we are both?

In the distance between being "someone" and being "something", we will find the moment of becoming; a moment when our bodies are not fixed and static, but rather in a process of change, transformation, in a playful flirtation with the unknown.

We will play, influence and be influenced by each other and find the vitality of our bodies, space and the present moment.

Contemporary Dance Technique

I propose a technical class focusing on perceiving the weight of body parts and connecting the spine with movement and other parts of the body. The class will include floor and core work exploring movement and efficiency in movement. Become aware of smooth/fluid movement as well as fast and acrobatic combinations. Work on expansion, release, spiral and dynamic movement sequences.

Risk & Reward

In this workshop we will explore how we can turn the challenges posed by risk into a vocabulary of movement - whether it is the risk of falling, dropping something or colliding with someone, in this workshop we will try to harness the extraordinary movement of bodily reflex and adaptation to create a new language and an improvised cycle of risk and reward.

Thresholds & Openings

The class will focus on methodologies infused with Butoh principles, prioritizing forms of sustaining that support and increase attention and intensities. We will move back and forth between improvisational practices that push the thresholds of our momentum and intentions and seek doorways into new unknowns.

Influenced by my collaborations with Steve Paxton, Jeanine Durning and Kota Yamazaki, this workshop offers frames that liberate the materiality that exists beneath the surface of the skin, encouraging movement between physical qualities and psychological states, and evoking freedom, imagination and rebellion. The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Dinamik Zemin Çalışması

 The workshop proposes the exploration of a mix of dance practices based on dynamic floorwork technique and improvisational principles.

 A guided improvisation will encourage students to explore the articulation and malleability of their bodies through the use of image and sound. Creative tasks will aim to warm
 up the body joints and muscles in order to achieve a "juicy" and smooth quality of movement.

 Releasing the weight will play an important role, especially in the contact impro part of the practice.

 Students will actively follow a physical and emotional journey through the immersive experience of different imaginary landscapes. The practice will be accompanied by music
 to keep the environment light and fun.

 In terms of dynamic floor work, students will be able to explore the principles of the technique, which gives the main role to dynamism, functionality and speed and consists of
 specific exercises that allow students to approach the floor smoothly and explore the relationship between their body and the floor.

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