The following are a set of rules and conditions for donations to YKV:

1. Donations made for a specific purpose to the foundation.

YKV periodically announces donation campaigns. All donations made to YKV by cash or a credit card over the internet are non-refundable (partially or in full) since these funds are directly transferred to scholarship holders or activities organized for them by YKV.
YKV Board of Directors are free to increase the number of these campaigns during the year or terminate them and stop receiving donations as necessary. The amount of donations needed are announced every year by the Board.

a. Half-Apple Donations

These complimentary scholarships are for one year. They are shared by our foundation and a donor. Scholarship holders receive a monthly stipend twice the amount of the donation made by the sponsor for 12 months. These donations are non-refundable.
Scholarship holders keep receiving this stipend as long as they comply with the rules and requirements as specified. In the event that a student loses this stipend, the remaining amount will not be included in a pool. This amount is transferred to the next qualifying applicant and the donor is notified by sending him/her bank records of these transcripts.

b. Language Scholarships

These scholarships are also complimentary and directed to students who want to improve their foreign language skills and knowledge. Education is conducted in institutions specified by the YKV Foundation and paid in full. These donations are also non-refundable. In case the student changes the program, the donor is notified and asked if they want to continue supporting the student (which is not required from the donor) and if they they don't, YKV will continue the stipend until the completion of the course.

c. Donations to clubs and activities.

These donations are made to clubs (such as skiing) or activities (such as culture-hunters) established within YKV and non-refundable since they are directly transferred to budgets of such clubs or activities.

2. Conditional Donations

Donors can make contributions to certain programs whose rules are specified by themselves complying with the rules and principles of YKV. Such donations are reviewed by the board within two weeks of the contribution. They are either accepted or rejected depending on their purpose and whether they comply with the goals and principles of YKV or not. Recected donations are refunded to the donor within 1 month.

3. Project-based Donations

These donations are directed to specific projects and 100% of the funds are used for such projects.

a. Project owners submit their proposal including its aims, cost, feasibility and duration to the department within YKV. These proposals are evaluated by the Board either accepted or rejected.
b. Projects that are approved by the board are published and efforts will be made by the foundation for finding other supporting donors. If outside funds are insufficient for the project, YKV assumes the remaining of the cost by signing a three-party agreement between the donor, the supporter and itself.
YKV protects the donors by getting closely involved with the project and makes sure that the funds are spent as required and appropriately. These conditions are specified by the agreement.
For large projects that require several stages, YKV hires or appoints specialists who oversee each stage of the project.
c. The donor may stipulate that his/her name and title published for the project clearly specified by the agreement. They may also claim other rights such as the name of the project as a benefit in return for the donation.


There are many different kinds of projects in social fields, culture, arts and research. Some of these projects may be supported by the European Union or local governments. Such projects require non-profit foundation (YKV), local government support and a foreign supporting partner. YKV will help to realize such projects and carry them much further.
YKV Board of Directors always supports projects directed to young generations.

4. Real-Estate Donations

YKV depends on donations for supporting young students and currently has a very important role to play in our social life as well as in the future. Sometimes, these donations are in the form of real-estate.

a. Living-will real-estate donations.

Anybody can donate any kind of real estate or a certain privilege to YKV conditionally or unconditionally while living. The donor can stipulate that only the ownership of the real-estate is transferred to the foundation and the right of usage (such as living, rental income etc.) stays on his/her behalf as long as he/she is alive. Such donations are non-reversible unless any irregularities have occurred that were against the law while preparing the living-will.

b. Donations made by a will

Anybody can donate part or all of their belongings including real-estate to YKV by making a will while living. Donor can also stipulate certain conditions such as funeral arrangements, prayer services, keeping the grave site etc. as part of his/her will. It's important to make sure that the will is lawful and prepared by a specialized professional. YKV has lawyers on its staff who will help the donors with this process.

5. Other monetary donations

YKV will accept other donations for specific purposes such as helping out with a disaster such as an earthquake. These types of donations would be announced by the Board as needed and have a time limit. As soon as the target amount has been reached, the donation process will terminate.

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