These donations are used 100% on the relevant project, different from the supports that Yücel Cultural Foundation provides to the young people. These are donations made by contributors for a thematic project.

How does the system work?

  1. Project owners: Communicate a feasibility report to the appropriate unite of the foundation describing their projects, the objectives of the project, its cost, the period of realization.
  2. Foundation: In publishing these projects tries to supporters (donors). If the found contributions are insufficient then the foundation might support for the lack after a positive decision taken by the part of the Board of Directors. A contract is signed among the foundation, the contributor and the project leader.For big projects (composed of several stages and involving more than one person) the foundation employs the specialists in order to evaluate the relevance of the realized stages to the project.
  3. Donor: May request a contract for the donation that (s)he makes. Might request the publication of her/his name and title during the project realization. For the research-related projects, (s)he may have some requests such as franchise fee as in response to their supports.


Research, artistic, social, cultural or scientific topics may be the subject of projects. Some projects may be on the subjects supported by the European Union or the local governing instances. For these types of projects often the following three partners are necessary: a foundation without commercial ends, local government support and an international project partner. The foundation might ameliorate your projects.

With the agreement of the Board of Directors, our foundation encourages the support of the young people's projects…


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