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Alyoshenka is a solo performance inspired by the story of a baby girl born prematurely In May 1996, a fetus with numerous deformities was found in the Russian village of Kaolinovy. The tiny fetus, affectionately named "Alyoshenka", was found by an elderly woman, Tamara Vasilyeva Prosvirina, who wrapped her in a blanket and told the authorities that the baby was hers. The baby's unusual appearance sparked rumors that it belonged to extraterrestrials. Origins: "brown body, no hair, large protruding eyes, moving small lips, squeaking sounds... "as described by witnesses. Some experts have ruled out skeletal differences from being human. On April 15, 2004, scientists discovered that Alyoshenka was a premature baby girl with severe deformities.

The 1957 Kyshtym Disaster was the first nuclear disaster in Soviet history and led to widespread radioactive leaks. One of the events following the disaster is the story of a fetus that was found. The fetus belonged to a deceased baby and was sent to a psychiatric hospital by an old woman. The details of Alyoshenka's death are unclear. It is alleged that her body was taken away by beings believed to be of Alyoshenka's kind. A performance inspired by this story explores the scenarios that could have unfolded if Alyoshenka had survived. The survival of this creature raises several thought-provoking questions. The possibility of Alyoshenka's growth, how it might be integrated into contemporary society and how it might be perceived, are all questions to ponder.

If Alyoshenka had survived, as a 27-year-old being, it is a fact that almost no one would have considered her a monster. This raises interesting questions about her place in society.

Subject To

 Concept & Performance: Mehdi Dahkan
 Dramaturgy: Nedjma Ben Hadj
 External Eye: Youness Atbane
 Support: HAU Hebbel Am Ufer / Goethe Institute Cairo / Grand Théâtre de Genève / Frankfurt Lab.

'Subject to' is an exploration of the principle of idealization and how desire can be produced unconsciously through a collective effect. It raises the question of whether we can be forced to desire something. Maybe not directly, but could I be desiring what is desired by those around me? Does this make the act of desiring a simple response to a deeper need (desire) to belong?

When we add the time factor, the waiting becomes more interesting - I am intrigued by the contrast between the inner chaos of desire and the physical silence imposed by waiting, which leads to deadlock.

Atlas, A Study

 An IIIDF Original Production
 Choreography: Damla Durman & Esma Akın (Sanatçı)
 Director: Balim Kar
 Playwright: Onur Kadıoğlu
 Dramaturgy: Damla Varnalı
 Music & Sound Design: Murat Genç
 Voiceover: Yasemin Daldal
 Costume and Makeup Designer: Duru Güner
Assistant Director: Sinem Bayraktar

I am no longer defined by my burden, because I do not carry the weight of the past, I do not shoulder the responsibilities of the present and I do not feel the pressure of the future. I am simply the face of the past, the present and the future. I am full of memories born from the depths of the past, experiences that shape the present, and hopes for the future. So I am not my burden, but rather I am Atlas, existing as a part of every moment and every experience, carrying the sacred burdens of life and shouldering the infinite weight of the universe.


Suddenly, Shockwave Delay in Istanbul

Yoshiko Chuma is also the name of the company's first production, a collaboration between filmmaker Jacob Burckhardt and musician Alvin Curran, which was exhibited at the 1980 Venice Biennale. School of Hard Knoks, which emerged as a reaction to the atomic bomb, contains reflections within the dance movement.

Lecture Performance: Age on Stage - Never Stop Dancing

Dance Across Borders - a performance on how to build international networks. Choreographer Gun Lund is not only an artist, but also a space builder with extensive experience in creating structures for independent choreographers and dancers.


Echologue ponders the scope of subjectivity. How far does our influence as an individual extend? What are the repercussions of our actions, words and mindset? Like a pebble dropped into a pond, a monologue emerges from the waves of influence, expanding and eventually returning to form themes of identity, power, love. Echologue is ultimately about a person who sees the spectrum within a single moment and finds meaning in its multiplicity and infinite reflections.


Zeynep Tanbay, one of Turkey's internationally recognized and acclaimed dancers and choreographers, has created her own solo performance, leaving a deep mark on her art, and this performance has come to life again in Serhat Kural's body. This adaptation represents a journey from the past to the present, reflecting the universal and timeless nature of art and offering the audience a profound experience. The articulation of the present with the traces of the past blends the heritage of art from the past with the language of the present, shaping the emotions and thoughts of the audience in an impressive way.

Avuçların İçinde

Inspired by four-legged creatures, the choreographic text, based on body forms and movement spaces, takes shape in the bodies of five female dancers. This text penetrates the depths of dance, inspired by the diversity of nature and the basis of universal movements. The bodies of the female dancers come alive on the stage like living beings, nourished by the grace and strong postures of animals. The movements are full of reflections of freedom and natural fluidity; the bodies become one with a universal rhythm as they explore their space.

This choreographic text expresses the deep connection between man and nature through the universal language of dance, while the bodies of the female dancers and the audience experience an inner experience of this connection.


The state of realizing what is real. The state of distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined. The state of realizing the truth by passing through the hazy aura. When you realize the truth, it is a state of being able to see transparently what is inside. Realizing the existence of movement that is known and unknown, of reality that is seen and thought to be unseen, of sounds that are heard and thought to be unheard. The harbinger of movement, immobility, sound, polyphony, what has come into the body and what will come out of the heart through sound. The dance and music performance journey of those who set out from the mind to the heart, from the heart to the mind...

Performance focuses on moments of human consciousness based on the definition of the mind. It uses the selectivity of consciousness and reason and the ability to make decisions. The music and dances improvised by the musician and the dancer within the same composition, and their effects on each other create a natural projection of the mind on the perception of the audience. While music flows in reality, dance imagines and transforms it into reality, or while music flows in imagination, dance continues its movement in reality.

Attracted by Repulsion

Two similar bodies trying to connect with each other. With the magnetic field around them, they are attracted by opposite repulsion - the feeling of disgust towards something and the desire to be drawn towards it. Their relationship is constantly evolving. Listen, follow and know when to lead and when to pull back to gain trust.

It is moved by the soft energy that persists in the space and continues in the space around the viewer even when it stops. Here the force relatively resists the movement between two bodies in contact. Can you see them separately? The first one is connected to the other, but the second one is always going on. Who do you empathize with? In the end, they meet at the point of their similarities.

A duet built on movement research that focuses on connecting artists and space through attraction and repulsion. These two bodies, moving with ongoing soft energy, find a way to merge.

Öncesi Sessizlik

Stopping allows one to become a kind of silent observer in the flow, because stopping encourages one to notice the flow around one, thus allowing one to understand the change and development around one. Stopping creates a kind of conscious awareness, which allows one to observe and understand the continuation of the flow. Paradoxically, however, stopping can also mean interrupting the flow. Inaction or stopping can stop the natural continuation of the current flow and increase the possibility of diverging into different paths.

This raises the fear that the system may lead to unexpected and unintended consequences. Thus, stopping is both an opportunity and a risk, so it is necessary to use stopping in a balanced way and to be in harmony with the flow.

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