With its projects and supports, Yücel Cultural Foundation aims since 45 years to make a difference in the lives of young people. With its international youth projects, national cultural and artistic activities, personal development seminars, courses and with five different scholarship schemes developed for successful people in need, Yücel Cultural Foundation is a 'youth and culture' foundation contributing to raising virtuous and well-equipped younger generations.

In being one of the few foundations active in the area of youth and culture, there is certainly the support of our contributors behind this 45 years old success story. The changes of a milestone quality in the lives of thousands of young people happened thanks tour contributors support.

There are now 656 young people waiting for your support in the framework of the YKV which continues decisively with the aim of reaching more young people every day! By very small contribution to the Half-Apple Scholarships you can make big changes in the lives of many young people! With a donation of less than 2,5TL per day, you can make these successful 656 people hopeful of their future.

If you would also like to become a member of this family in supporting the objectives of Yücel Cultural Foundation, please take a look to the following webpage: http://www.yucelkulturvakfi.org/icerik/24

You can both address your donations to the contribution account in Garanti Bank, Erenköy Affiliation with the account number 150-6296286. You can also make it by credit card in one transfer or 9 months transfer.


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