First of all, thank you for your interest. You can access the core information you need, about European Solidarity Corps (ESC) by reading this text patiently and filling the form.

Moreover, if you live in İstanbul, you can join our free training session on 29 February 2020, in which we are going to represent ESC application process entirely. We are going to inform you about the exact time of the training, that will be held in our manor house in Sultanahmet.

Many youngsters in Turkey are wondering about volunteering, education and internship opportunities abroad and they want to join these programs to ensure their self-improvements. Unfortunately, most of them benefit from none of these programs, because they do not have enough knowledge. The most important questions in their minds are; what is ESC program and how one can join it. To answer these questions, we banded information you need together, as Yücel Cultural Foundation.

In 2019, EVS (European Voluntary Service) left its place to ESC program.

“European Solidarity Corps-ESC” is the new volunteering, work-internship and solidarity program, that came into effect in 2019, by the European Union. Within the scope of this program, youngsters between 18 and 30 can take part in volunteering programs, that lasts from 2 weeks to 12 months, in any EU country, or in their own country. Turkey, as a non-EU country, can only benefit from volunteering and solidarity subprograms of ESC program. Work-internship program is only applied between EU member countries.

What kind of an organisation is waiting for me?
In every ESC project, there is a "sending organisation", that sponsors you, and a "receiving/hosting organisation", that will host you in the country you go. In the process, these two organisations are going to help you in every step.

Can I apply for the program?
To apply the program, you only have to be aged between 18 and 30. There is no other restriction.

What kind of supports do the program provide to me?

It is aimed for the program to cover all the basic expenses, and the youngster to volunteer freely during the program.

What kind of equipment is needed to apply a project?

How can Yücel Cultural Foundation support me?
Most of the associations and foundations, working as sending organisations, regard informing youngsters during application process as a heavy work load. Youngsters can not receive a recompense for their work, because they do not have enough knowledge about volunteering and international opportunities and they apply with their own personal effort.

On this exact point, volunteers of our foundation decided to form "INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING CLUB", which is a previously unattempted format, to reach more youngsters.This club aims to provide free trainings, that is about ESC application process, to support the youngsters during the application process and to ensure youngsters to practise speaking English. We are expecting all the youngsters, that joins to this group, to support each other and devise social responsibility projects. This process will also set a pace for the hosting organisation, that carries out the project. As we mentioned above, unfortunately youngsters without a volunteering experience are generally rejected in the application process.

Which questions in my mind will be answered in this training?


For the volunteers, who want to apply outside İstanbul, we will prepare an education kit and send to them, after the training. With the Whatsapp group, it will be procured for the volunteers to share information and active applications willl be shared via group. To join this group, we are expecting you to fill this form in detail.



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