You can join ESC programs through our foundation which is accredited by EU and Turkey.
When it is decided that you will be sent to an ESC project at the end of your interview with YCF, the foundation will assume the full responsibility of being a sending organization.
It will coordinate all procedures, such as visas, transportation tickets, accommodation, health and travel insurance, before your trip, you should be in constant contact with the host organization. At this point you will be kept informed.

You will receive "Pre-Abroad Training" before your project starts.
This training is organized by the National Agency and our foundation carries out the coordination between volunteer and training.

In addition, our project coordinator responsible for ESC projects in our foundation will be in constant contact with you after voluntary departure.
In this sense, if you encounter any unwanted or unexpected situation during ESC, you will be able to communicate this to our foundation easily. YCF will immediately contact the national agency and the host organization to resolve this issue.

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