You can donate on different topics and amounts.

Half Apple Donation: Half Apple Scholarship is a scholarship given by one donor and the other half by the foundation or another donor. The donor makes a donation of 7.500.-TL per year and pays it to the foundation and the total of 15.000.-TL is paid to the student.
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Culture and Art Scholarship: We care about the meeting of young people with culture and art activities. People and institutions who want to support the arts can make more donations by making small donations here. You can support by donating 300 TL for each student.
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Foreing Language Scholarship: In the Foreign Language Scholarships initiated by the Yücel Culture Foundation in 2013, we attach great importance to the increasing number of scholars. If you want to support young people who want to learn a foreign language, you can donate 2.000.-TL.
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Piggy Bank Scholarship Donation: If you care about small donations accumulating and returning to students as scholarships, you can donate as much as you like.
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Project Based Donations: Project-based donation, unlike Yücel Culture Foundation's support to young people, they are donations provided by donors for projects on a specific subject. 100% of the donation is used entirely for the project concerned.

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Unconditional Donations: You can donate any amount in TL to support Yücel Cultural Foundation's national and international projects.
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If you wish to make a donation without using the website (via Mail Order);

You can send an e-mail to You can make a donation with your own contact information (if you have a selection criterion) by giving the name, surname, school, department information of the student you want to donate.

It is sufficient for the donation process to be sent to us by filling out and signing the mail order form we will send to you.

Donations to be made through Bank (EFT-Wire Transfer);

You can also make a donation through the transfer of money directly to Yücel Culture Foundation through IBAN.

IBAN TL: TR46 0006 2000 1500 0006 2962 86

IBAN USD: TR59 0006 2000 1500 0009 0850 93

IBAN EURO: TR90 0006 2000 1500 0009 0828 86

It should not be forgotten that, according to the regulations, these donations will not be returned since they are sent directly to students and projects.

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