The Yücel Cultural Foundation requests some of your personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail etc.) from you in order to provide better service to its scholars and donors.

Yücel Cultural Foundation does not share the information collected from membership forms and other forms with third parties without the knowledge of the member in question or otherwise, and does not use and sell it for commercial purposes for any reason other than activity.

The Yucel Cultural Foundation does not analyze and interpret visitors' movements and preferences during the use of the site, except for the personal information requested in their e-mail addresses and membership forms.

Only the member can access all the information entered into the system by the member and only the member can change it. It is not possible for anyone else to access and change this information.You can easily exit the daily mailing list by clicking on the link “if you do not want to be informed about the campaign announcements” at the bottom of the mail sent from Yucel Culture Foundation.

In order to keep the donor's security at the highest level, your credit card information requested on the Donation Payment page is in no way held on the servers of the Yücel Culture Foundation or the companies serving it. In this way, it is ensured that all transactions for payment take place between the bank and your computer through the interface of Yücel Culture Foundation.

You can reach Yucel Culture Foundation from the contact page.

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