Applications for Half-Apple Scholarship programs are made online through They are initialy evaluated by computer and later by a selection committee using a points system. Applicants who make the top 1000 are further evaluated by close examination of the required supporting documents as well as the accompanying written text explaining their reasons for applying the program. Any discrepancies between the applicant’s online statements and the documents they have provided are further examined by the selection committee and in case of doubt, original documents are requested from students.

Yucel Kultur Vakfi, as clearly explained in its mission and vision statement, does not discriminate against anybody based on their sex, race, religion, ethnic background, or language and respects all ideas and beliefs. YKV closely follows these principles in its scholarship selection process. Half Apple program is an excellent example, where a donor can choose to support any student they wish regardless of YKV's selection criteria and the other half of the amount is then provided by YKV.

Yucel Kultur Vakfi is constantly working on improving its selection policy in an objective and democratic manner and will continue to do so.

What are the selection criteria for Half Apple Scholarships?

The following list describes the criteria used in the pre-evaluation process by computer programs and committee:

1. Turkish Citizenship is required, non-citizen applications are automatically rejected.

2. Criminal record and background check. Applicants with a clean background get 10 points. No points are given to applicants with a criminal record. However, applicants with restricted or deferred criminal records pending investigation are awarded points by the committee depending on their particular situation.

3. Student's academic progress is evaluated by university entrance examination scores for freshmen and school transcripts for current students. Between 1-10 points are awarded by the committee for such applicants.

4.Evaluation of the family's social structure and situation: Situations such as parents' absence, separation or number of siblings are included in the scoring. The physical condition of the person (disability, illness, etc.) is at the discretion of the committee.

5.Family’s Economic Situation: From the total money entered into the family on a monthly basis, if they live in the rental house, the monthly amount per person is calculated by dividing the remaining amount after the rental fee is deducted.

6.Student’s Economic Situation: Here, 2 to 10 scoring is done by looking at whether the student is supported in other ways, whether he / she has received additional scholarships and the cost of the branch he / she is studying.

7.Social Responsibility: Here, the student's participation in non-governmental organizations, volunteering, and how much responsibility he has as an individual in the society he lives in are evaluated.

8. Involvement in Yucel Culture Foundation: The student's participation in social and cultural activities with the foundation's scholars is evaluated between 0 and 10. The first applications outside Istanbul, which did not know the Yücel Cultural Foundation before, are awarded 5 points.

9. Points for Leadership, Creativity, Project Development, Involvement in Social and Cultural Activities: Here, social and cultural activities organized by the student (pioneering, leading or participating) and extracurricular social activities such as theater, music, folklore and sports are evaluated according to the conditions of the student.

10. Points Awarded for Ingenuity, Skills and Being Open to Self-improvement: Here, it is evaluated how candidate scholarship is open and enthusiastic for development in areas such as seminars, courses, certificate programs that it has done to improve itself.

11. Points for Future: The candidate's goals, ideals, preparations on this subject are given by interviewing or by evaluating the sections of the composition directly filled by the candidate

The main purpose of Yucel Kultur Vakfi is not to randomly distribute funds but discover young people who are in genuine financial need and provide support.

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