What is the International Improvisation Dance Festival?

 International Improvisation Dance Festival is the first and only international "Improvisational Dance Festival" in Istanbul. It creates a platform for various stakeholders and offers event models
 to a wide target audience from local and international artists to enthusiasts and students.



 Why International Improvisation Dance Festival?

 The International Improvisation Dance Festival collaborates with multiple local and international sponsors and artists, creating a fascinating and educational program that allows its stakeholders
 to meet, explore and define themselves personally and socially. The festival therefore exists not just as an event, but as an experience shared by everyone involved.


Notes from the Festival:

A "Reflection" at the International Improvisation Dance Festival - IIIDF: Interview with Choreographer and Dancer Cansu Ergin
International Improvisation Dance Festival - IIIDF 2023 Logbook
Dancing Beyond Borders: Lara Guidetti
"Dance Everywhere, Movement Everywhere"
Dance - VR / 360 Dance Movie Screenings
Let's Get to Know Our Artists

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