Online ESC Bilgilendirme Eğitimi >>
Uzman Nörolog Dr. Cüneyt Başbuğu ile "Alışkanlıklar" Webinarı >>
Yücel Cultural Foundation Speaking Club >>
Yoga Eğitmeni, Dansçı, Koreograf Derya Demiroğlu'yla Şimdi ''Yoga Zamanı'' >>
7.Online Esc Eğitimi >>
Ahmet S. Arda'yla Türkiye Diplomasisin Yakın Tarihi ve Teknolojik Gelişimi'' Söyleşisi >>
M. Alper Şentürk >>
Ahmet Çevik'le ''Bilişim eğitimlerinin geçmişi ve geleceği'' Söyleşi >>
TOG Gönüllü Çalışmalar Departmanı Direktörü Mehmet Bahadır Teke'yle Söyleşi >>
Emrah Kozan'la ''Tasarım Odaklı Düşünce'' Söyleşisi >>
6. Online Esc Eğitimi >>
Beynimiz Nasıl Çalışıyor? >>
Atılay Ustabay ile ''Pandemi Sonrası Hava Taşımacılığı'' Semineri >>
''Gönüllülük ve Gençlik Çalışmaları'' Söyleşi >>
5. Online Esc Eğitimi >>
Gelecek Kaygısı ve Yoga >>
İbrahim Betil ile ''Gönüllülük ve Sosyal Sorumluluk'' Söyleşi >>
Ahmet S. Arda ile ''Atatürk'ün Diplomasisi'' Semineri >>
'Eylül'' 2020 >>
Waterproof >>
''Evlat'' 2020 >>
''Don Pasquale'' Opera 2020 >>
İncesaz Konseri Moda Sahnesi >>
''Red Light Kışı'' 2020 >>
Gounod'nun başyapıtı "Faust" operası sanatseverlerle buluşuyor! >>
Kültür Avcıları 2020'yi Şebnem Ferah konseriyle açıyor! >>
45'lik Çağdaş Dans Gösterisi Yücel Kültür Vakfı Abud Efendi Konağı'nda Gerçekleşti! >>
Şizo Şeyk, an incredible play in Kumbaracı50! >>
YKV Kültür Avcıları West Side Story Seyircisi! >>
YKv Kultur Avcilari At "Game"! "Oyun" is the first theater of March! >>
Second Bonus Event Of February From YKV Kultur Avcilari! "Trom" >>
Struggle For Existence... YKV Kültür Avcıları at "Düğün"! >>
Are we sure that the thing that keeps running away from life is living? YKV Kültür Avcıları are at Kozalar! >>
YKV Kultur Avcilari at Musical: Notre Dame - Quasimodo Musical >>
KulturAvcıları will be in Gevende concert >>
Swan Lake will be staged ON TIM Cultural Center >>
Kultur Avcıları are searching Antigone's story >>
In the country of Kadebostany with Kultur Avcıları >>
Would You Like To Be a Witness Of The Legend, İdil Biret? >>
Cahit Berkay Will Be On ENKA Stage! >>
YKV Culture Hunters July Program Starts With Fazıl Say Concert! >>
'Bunu Ben Yaptım' Workshops Are In Istanbul Highschool >>
"I Made This" Workshop for a Beautiful Mother's Day >>
Sound on Mansion on April 23rd / Muhtelif Concert >>
Konak'ta Ses Var! / Boğaziçi Jazz Choir Concert >>
YKV Ski Club Is On The Uludağ Mountain For The Fourth Time! >>
Konak'ta Ses Var! >>
Kültür Avcıları are at The Haunted Mansion for Exhibition! >>
200 Year-Old "Frankenstein" is İn TurkishTeatre, ForThe First Time! >>
Next Performance Has A Powerful Script Combined With an Impressive Act! >>
Kültür Avcıları Are Going On An Adventure Of 40 Years With Sezen Aksu! >>
Group Yolda Is Performing At Konakta Ses Var On 30th October! >>
"Karagöz-Hacıvat" Handmade Earing Workshop >>
We Tought we Would Benefit From What is Cooked in The Kitchen and Took Our Share Of İt As Kültür Avcıları! >>
You Will Be Full Of Art With 3 Exhibition In 1 Day! >>
It Was Hard But We Got Our Tickets! The Sırça Hayvan Koleksiyonu Cannot Be With Out Kültür Avcısı! >>
We Are Starting Our Cultural Journey With Sekerpare Which is a Theater drama Coming From our Past to The Future as a Work Of Art! >>
Would You Like To Join Me When I Am Visiting The Houndered- Year Movies Transforming From Their Colourness World To The Coloured Ones in Pera Musesum? >>
We Are Going To Celebrate The 11th Year Of Golden Horn Brass With Their Copper Instruments! >>
After A Sunday Breakfast ‘Joyful Sunday Concert’ Is Waiting For Kültür Avcıları! >>
Our Favorite Musician And Composer Of The Songs That Warm Our Hearts, Bülent Ortaçgil Meets Kültür Avcıları! >>
One of the Famous Worldwide Piano Player’s Name Is Familiar To Us, Fazıl Say Meets With Kültür Avcıları! >>
Boğaziçi Jazz Choir inspiring young people at CKM on October 31! >>
The Queen Of Piano Gülsin Onay Meet With Culture Hunters On October! >>
Tales Storytelling Workhop By Beyza Akyüz At I Did It! >>
Culture Hunters Are At Tarkan Concert On 13rd September! >>
Culture Hunters Are Starting For September With İlhan İrem Concert! >>
Three Masters Of Turkish Music, Birsen Tezer, Bülent Ortaçgil and Hüsnü Arkan Are On The Same Stage! >>
YKV Culture Hunters Chose Goran Bregovic For Open Air Concert Joy! >>
Conversation With Writter Yalçın Tosun >>
Exhibition Time For Culture Hunters! >>
Culture Hunters Are Going To Pulitzer Award-Winning Play 'Murderer Joe'! >>
We're Going To Whiplash To Live The Open Air Cinema Experiment! >>
Culture Hunters Are Hunting Princess of Jazz; Aziza Mustafa Zadeh! >>
Colourful Workshop Happened At Caddebostan On 20 May! >>
Turkish Cusine Culture From Central Asia To Ottoman Empire (After Party: Akide Candy Show) >>
Prominent Musicians of the Istanbul Jazz Music Scene Pay Tribute to Legends of Jazz >>
Take Your Own Design Cloth Bag After 'Spring In My Bag' Workshop! >>
YKV Culture Hunters and Magnum Photo Agency Are The Same Exhibition! >>
YKV Culture Hunters Are At The Exhibition of Robert Montgomery Who Is One Of The Most Talented Contemporary Artists! >>
The World's Dance Prodigies Are At Turkey With Jessica Lang Dance Company! >>
We Came Together In A New Project Cycle Management For Ideas, Which Can Change Our Lives! >>
We Are Waiting You To The 'Shakespeare'in Bütün Eserleri' For Plenty Of Humour and Uncontrollable Craziness! >>
Moscow State Academy of Coreography is Calling for You for the Coppelia Ballet! >>
We Are Going To 'Los Reyes Del Tango' Concert for A Night Smells Spring! >>
Culture Hunters Invite You To The '!f Istanbul' Film Festival To Say 'Love Is Strange' >>
Kartepe Mountain Is Waiting For Ski-Lover Youngsters! >>
What Do You Think Of Watching Aristophanes's Play 'Birds' Again With a Modern Way? >>
It Is Time To “Love” In The YKV Culture Art Workshop! >>
Are You Ready To See Istanbul Beyond Sight With The Dialogue In The Dark Exhibition? >>
YKV Volunteers Met During The "Bookmark Workshop" And Made Handmade Bookmarks For People Who Are Near And Dear To Them! >>
Our Seminar Named 'International Migration And Social Togetherness In Normative Political Threory' Is Waiting For Curious Youngsters! >>
The Second Project Cycle Management Seminar Has Taken Place in Our New Office! >>
The Second "Klik!” Photograph Project Took Place in Mardin >>
Where West Meets East / Catch the Vision Conference >>
Klik! Istanbul >>
Yücel Cultural Foundation's Seminar on Project Cycle Management - I >>