Our Mission

Since 1969, the Yücel Cultural Foundation has provided opportunities for young people between the ages of 16 and 29 to develop themselves without making any distinction among young people.

The Yucel Cultural Foundation using 21st century thinking seeks to promote and improve individuals, the country and all humanity, by bringing together youth from all over the world for social and cultural activities, and international and domestic student exchange programs. 

Trough these activities the Foundation intends to provide for the development of cross-cultural communication in arts, sports, camps and the like and will make provisions to provide support for specific projects of scientific research and technology and to promote the study of specialized topics.

Our Vision

The Yucel Cultural Foundation embodies a belief in democratic principles and values; contemporary, rational thinking, common sense, and personal intelligence. The Foundation believes that individuals should be open minded with respect for human relations, gender, race, religion and beliefs, and language. Individuals should be open to development and who can generate knowledge and who can grow to contribute to create a better world

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