High Merit and Talent Scholarships are open for applicants of below the age of 28. This scholarship is personal and is one-time support to the projects of young people of limited economic means who are successful in the domains of art, culture or sports. The Board of Directors may decide to provide the entirety of the requested amount, make a partial contribution, make a higher contribution than requested or extend the period of contribution.

Requested support can be for a program in the fields of art and support, a competition, a book that the applicant would like to publish, or an exhibition that the applicant might wish to open or any other activities for which high talent and merit are required. The essential criterion for success for this scholarship is that the applicant should be of high merit and the project or the work that the support is requested should be original.

Who Can Apply? How to Apply?

There is no limited application period for the high merit scholarships. Applicants can proceed when they wish to do so.

Applicants should write a motivation letter expressing their success/merit, the reason of application and their requests. They should add a prize, certificate, medal, transcript, reference letter, video, portfolio, academic books etc. to demonstrate their success in the relevant fields. Furthermore you can send an email about the project you want to info@yucelkulturvakfi.org.

The application is first examined by the scholarship committee and in case of a positive evaluation; it is transferred to the Board of Directors.

Being a student is not a condition of application, the only restriction is that the applicant should be below the age of 28. 

All applications are accepted via www.bursverenler.org

What Are the Responsibilities of the Applicant Entitled to This Scholarship?

Scholars should respect the foreseen calendar for their projects and use the material support for the requested period.

Scholars who are entitled to this scholarship accept to be under the moral obligation of constituting a good example for the other young people and sharing their experiences with them.

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