What is Master and Doctoral Studies Scholarship?

Master and doctoral studies scholarship is open for the participants below the age of 33, who are doing research, having a research project or doing their master or doctoral studies. Projects in every disciplines of the science, every research, work or project contributing to the development of our country is eligible for this scholarship.

The contribution is a one-time contribution, yet the Board of Directors may decide to provide the entirety of the requested amount, make a partial contribution, make a higher contribution than requested or extend the period of contribution.

What are the Application Conditions for the Master and Doctoral Studies Scholarships?

- There is no limited application period for Master and Doctoral Studies Scholarships. Applicants can proceed when they wish to do so.

- The application is first examined by the scholarship committee and in case of a positive evaluation; it is transferred to the Board of Directors.

- Being a student is not a condition of application, the only restriction is that the applicant should be below the age of 33.

- Applicants should write a motivation letter expressing their domain of specialty, the reason of application and their requests. They should add a detailed explanation, e.g. feasibility report, table of costs etc. in order to clarify their requests.

- All applications are accepted via www.bursverenler.orgIf the loading areas on the website www.bursverenler.org are not enough, details such as the project and the budget are delivered to the Yücel Cultural Foundation via e-mail or other means.

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