Yücel Cultural Foundation brings contributors and young people in need together, since 1969, in order to provide support young people's education.

What Is Half-Apple Scholarship?

Half-Apple Scholarship is a free and complimentary program in which students receive the half of the scholarship from a contributor and the other half from Yücel Cultural Foundation and/or another contributor. The amount is 500.-TL per month. Students receive the scholarship for a period of 12 months. At the end of this period the contributor may choose to continue with the scholarship for another year. Otherwise, the scholarship is terminated.

Who Is Eligible?

Turkish citizens who are university students in need of financial support, irrespective of their religion, language, ethnic origin or gender can apply for this scholarship. Students whose scholarships have been terminated because they have not fulfilled their obligations can not reapply.

Students who are selected for a Half-Apple Scholarship but could not find a contributor can reapply the following year, but their application needs to be approved again by the selection committee.

Students who get scholarships from other foundations can apply for Half Apple Scholarship after indicating their status during the application process.

Quality and name of the high education institution (Foundation, state or private) that the student is attending is not taken into account while evaluating scholarship applications.

When and How to Apply?

Applications can be made anytime.

In order to apply, go to https://www.bursverenler.org/ website and become a member by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Next, click on "Apply for Scholarship" button, select "Lisans" option and "Devam/Continue". Fill the application form completely.

Upload all the required documentation by using the documents page. Refer to Help Videos provided at the beginning of each page.

After completing the application, click "Form Completed", choose "Half Apple Scholarship" on the "Scholarsip Choice" screen. Then go to "Payment" screen by clicking "Continue" button and complete your application by paying the "Application Fee" as required.

You do not need to send in any documents. Just upload the requested documents online at the website. As YCF, we trust our applicants’ statements and evaluate according to the application form they have filled out online.

We realize that your money, time and efforts are valuable. Therefore, we require the necessary documents only after you have been selected. Some of these documents will be used for verification purposes.

How Are the Applications Evaluated?

Applications are evaluated according to the criteria determined by YCF Board. Software is utilized which assigns points to specific situations in order to prevent possible unfair treatment. Furthermore, selected candidates are evaluated by the scholarship commitee in order to make sure that the documents they have provided match the information given during the application process.

When Are the Results Announced?

There is no certain date of announcement. List of applicants who were selected will be published on https://www.bursverenler.org under the “Scholarship Results” section. As from the characteristic of the scholarship; the scholarship will be activated after the foundation or the applicant finds a donor to provide other half of the scholarship. Unless a donor is found, the process does not start. Applications are valid for 1 year, after the application date.

Please remember that being on the list only means that you are a candidate for the scholarship. As the main feature of the scholarship, either you or Yücel Cultural Foundation has to find a donor who can support you.

Who Are the Donors?

Anyone, who believes the importance of education for young people can be a donor. There are two basic types of donors:

a. Donors who want to choose the students they want to support.
b. Donors who want YCF to choose the best applicant according to their needs.

How Do the Donors Choose Their Scholars?

a. Donors who want to choose their scholar

After accepting Yücel Cultural Foundation’s rules, donors pay half of the scholarship fee of 3.000.-TL for the year of 2022, as mail order or credit card (in up to 6 yearly installments) online. The donor has the right to choose a scholar between candidates, according to criterias determined by the donor. The donor chooses the name of the scholar directly, or the specific crtierias for the scholarship.The Foundation only shares information of 5 candidates, between applicants, complying to the selected criteria.

The student is awarded the scholarship, according to choice of the donor. (To protect the personal data of the students, datas of Half Apple Scholarship applicants are not shared with the donors.)

Caution: A donor can not be a first degree relative.

b. Donors who want Yücel Cultural Foundation to choose the best applicant according to their needs

In this situation, after the receipt of the donation, Yücel Cultural Foundation will provide the second half of the scholarship amount to those students that are on the waiting list. If no such candidates are on the list, the next candidate on the list who was chosen by the selection committee is granted the scholarship.

In both (a and b) situations, applicant's status is changed to CHOSEN SCHOLAR and a notification is sent to the donor with the recipient’s contact information.

How Can I Learn, If I Am Awarded with a Scholarship?

When your status is updated as You Are Entitled to Gain Scholarship, the system sends an automatic e-mail to both the scholar and the foundation. An additional notifying is sent to your e-mail address, that is filled in the form.

What Are YCF’s Scholarship Obligations?

The donors are free to choose whom they will select from the list of the candidates. Candidates have to wait in order to be chosen by a donor. YCF does not guarantee that a candidate will be granted a scholarship and is not under any obligation to that effect. Applicants who are on the list of candidates may find the donor and direct him/her to YCF by himself/herself. YCF may then evaluate the donor. YCF always makes sure that half of the scholarship is paid by a donor and the other half is paid by YCFor other donor.

Verifying a scholar's information, following up with a scholar's academic success and terminating a scholarship are among YCF's responsibilities.

I Am a Chosen Scholar. What Should I Do Now?

You should print out our Scholarship Regulation, which you can find here, sign every page, then upload and send the signed version via e-mail. (The e-mail address to send will be shared with you upon being chosen.)

Documents Requested to be Uploaded (Mandatory for all students):

  1. Extract of detailed civil registry record.
  2. Certificate of current residence addresses.
  3. Prior criminal record.
  4. Student certification document from school. (Not necessary if a transcript is available.)

Additional Documents (Requested personally):

  1. If you live in a rental house, copy of the rental/lease contract.
  2. Honours degree, a copy of certificate if degree is 4.00-5.00, 80-100.
  3. Copy of transcript if checked on the form.
  4. Family income documents such as pension, payroll etc. (Can be downloaded from E-devlet website)
  5. If any healthcare program information for family members (yesilkart, bagkur, SGK, private insurance) is checked on the form, photocopies of such documents.(Can be downloaded from E-devlet website)
  6. Copies of certificate programs you have attended.
  7. If checked, copy of university entrance/placement exam results.
  8. If you are receiving scholarship from another institution, provide such documentation.

For How Long My Application Keeps Searching for a Donor?

Following the date of application, for 1 year, the status is seen as Your Data Is Verified. Datas and documents of scholarship seekers are never deleted from the system automatically. Applicants may update information any time, for free. After a year, if another application is going to be completed; the applicant must pay for each scholarship.

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